The following are a collection of articles I find interesting and valuable as I’m learning to manage teams. I add new articles occasionally as I run across them. When I have the time, I’ll also write various summaries or thoughts.

People Can Read Their Manager’s Mind

There are often obvious differences between what you tell your team is important and the things you reward as a manager. Your team will respond to incentives and rewards before they respond to your ‘defining what we should do next’. Be very careful to ensure that your personal biases and your team goals align so you aren’t creating an unstated tension on the team.

“A $10M business is not a goal, but a symptom of a change you commit to making”

I’ve been guilty of thinking the “number is the goal” in the past, when really the number is simply an outcome. This is related to the great book by Bill Walsh, The Score Takes Care of Itself, in that your focus as a manager needs to be on process and daily execution rather than the scoreboard as a guide.

No Strategy is Better than it’s Execution