Feynman is Why I Write a Blog

Cody Boyte | November 2017

For a long time I haven't been sure why I should be writing a blog. I have an idea, get frustrated, and try to write down my thoughts. If I like what I’ve written, I will publish it. But not very often.

I thought I should only publish my blog if it said something new or original. I’ve been thinking about my blog the wrong way around. A blog isn’t so much a way to push the barriers of what we know, but rather to help each of us give a topic a different spin.

Yes, most of the ideas and concepts already exist. There are articles and opinions on everything. But different people need different explanations. And every time I have to write a new article I get much better at understanding my thoughts on the subject. It’s a great way for me to learn.

Richard Feynman had a technique he used to learn or refine his knowledge on new subjects. His technique was four step - the same four steps I use to write this blog:Richard Fenyman was a famous physicist in the 20th century who made quantum mechanics and other difficult topics easy to understand.

Feynman was once asked to explain a complex part of quantum mechanics. He took a few days and ran though the process trying to figure out how to explain it to a freshman class. He couldn't and realized it was because there wasn't a consensus yet on how the process worked. He couldn't understand it and thus couldn't teach it.

In many ways, that’s my goal with this blog. I want to find ways to take what I’m learning and write about it until I can explain it. I hope that it’ll help me remember important things and be able to look back on the lessons in the future.